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Bone Lee® 10 Year Anniversary!

Wow!   10 years ago Bone Lee ® Gourmet "Original" Hot Sauce was available commercially for everyone to enjoy.  

   Way back in 2003 I was living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and making my hot sauce in my kitchen.  I kept a bottle (or two) with me everywhere I went!  After a few years and a few guitar gigs,  people started to ask if I could get them a bottle (or two).  It wasn't long before I was keeping a case of hot sauce with with me everywhere I went.  

   By 2005,  I knew I wanted to have my recipe produced commercially.  By the Fall of 2006,  I was turning my kitchen exploits into a real FDA approved product!

   Fast forward 9 years and a lot of peppers later and I'm celebrating my 10 year anniversary!

   For the Decade in review I have decided to change things up a bit.  #1, we've got a New logo design.  The New logo is a custom drawn, trademark graphic of my hat with the guitar pick on the head band.  

  Yes it's a real hat and yes I wear it on stage, out in public and in the ocean!  Now the Bone Lee ® Hat can be associated with the brand forever.  #2. I've decided to take more creative control over the recipe.  I will be more specific about the improved spices and raw ingredients on the official launch.  #3.  I have decided to expand my Bone Lee ® product line to include not only my Original hot sauce,  but a two NEW flavor profiles!   Yes,  there are two NEW heat levels coming soon!  If my Original Hot Sauce was too Hot,  I got you, and If my Original Hot Sauce wasn't Hot enough,  I got you too!   

  Thank you for stopping by,  and I am excited to share this new chapter in my life one spicy Cayenne pepper drop at a time.

   Please stay tuned and follow me on Twitter @bonelee, Instagram: bonelee_gourmet, and Facebook BoneLeeGourmet


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