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Introducing the NEW Bone Lee® Logo and Label


We are proud to announce the launch of the new Bone Lee® Gourmet logo and label as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand.

Thanks to our loyal customers the Bone Lee® Gourmet brand has enjoyed substantial success over the past nine years. We have grown and evolved as a company and now it is time for a change. We have designed our logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our exciting future.

The new logo embodies Bone Lee’s® trademark black cowboy hat and signature guitar pic as our brand’s most popular identification label. Also, the new design is meant to improve the readability of the label and increase the brand visibility on merchandise shelves.  Bone Lee’s® picture and signature on the side of every bottle guarantees what’s inside meets the rigorous quality standards that have become the trademark of the Bone Lee® Gourmet brand.  

In the upcoming months, we will update all our marketing literature and online presence with the new logo and in fall of 2019 all products will bear the new label design. Meanwhile, we invite our business partners who are currently announcing joint ventures with Bone Lee® Gourmet to contact us via email to get the new logo guidelines.

Finally, Bone Lee® Gourmet is thankful to Susan Cobb for developing the idea behind the logo and to The Savvy Peach, LLC for the complete creation and design of our new look.


Our mission at Bone Lee® Gourmet is to deliver consistent excellent quality products everywhere you see the Bone Lee® name. Our dedication to choosing the finest non-GMO and organic ingredients wherever available is equaled only by our attention to detail and is assured by Bone Lee’s® picture and personal signature on each and every item we produce.

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